is a four member band based in Vienna, Austria, that has been founded in 2010. Formerly known under the name „Phantom Power 48V, the group played their way through various clubs and locations in Vienna. With a relaunch in 2015/16 came the new name „HE WAS A SHE“ and the debut album „Marital Affairs“, combining passionately athmospheric songs, acurate beatdriven dance tracks as well as folky trance. A cooking recipe in the form of a music video of the track „Kind“ is presented with slapstick and self-irony.

HE WAS A SHE originated around Martin Wiesbauer and Judith Wiesbauer-Klieber. All members of the group are well grounded, apart from rehersing and song writing all-day-life consists of kids, families, jobs. They live their so called „real life“ by no means along gender specific role clichés. Kids are raised by men, women provide financially, job, family and creativity all play an equally important part. With HE WAS A SHE the women oppose their notorious underrepresentedness in the music business with a powerful assertiveness and presence we all are guilty of generally attributing to men only.

At every live gig of HE WAS A SHE traditional gender roles are continuously questioned and musically twisted. There consciously is no clear bandleader, be it male or female, the role of lead singer is permanently shifting, even instruments are exchanged. Musical influences could be named from folk and singer-songwriter, electronic and country as well as R‘n‘B.

Representative for the diversity and transformability of the group are the lyrics of the Lou Reed classic „Walk On The Wild Side“:


Elke Bitter; vocals/songwriting/drums

Judith Wiesbauer-Klieber; piano/songwriting/vocals

Ursula Röck; accordeon/vocals

Martin Wiesbauer; guitar/songwriting/vocals